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SCI-FI.COM is a new science fiction media website and is proud to announce its first program, now playing:





CERBERUS REX is an hour-and-a-half long science fiction audio adventure that is available to stream and download on SCI-FI.COM and on SCI-FI PRESENTS, SCI-FI.COM's podcast. This Media Kit includes a streamable version of the show and additional information.

I am sending this to you in the hopes that you will consider reviewing CERBERUS REX and/or providing feedback.  

My name is Jason Hardcastle and I created the show. Please feel free to contact me via email (contact@heorotmedia.com) or via the CONTACT box below. I will get back to you quickly.  

For a link to the show's main page, please use "sci-fi.com/cerberusrex" and not this Media Kit page. Please feel free to post the trailer, any image (or logo) on this page and links to the main site, the show's main page or the podcast anywhere. Please do not post or stream the show itself on any other site or platform, or otherwise distribute the show in any way. All rights to the show are retained and reserved.

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- Jason


You can stream the show right here:



The show is also available to download and stream on the show page (www.sci-fi.com/cerberusrex) and on our podcast (click here).

You can listen to the trailer here:



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Dr. Anabela Correia, a professor of astrophysics at Hawksmoor University, travels upon request by a former colleague to Well Station, a research facility performing experiments on a mystery of physics in an underground cave. A natural explorer, Ana rushes to view the phenomenon first-hand and, accompanied by Well Station Security/Containment Officer Benjamin Wyngarde, is soon staring down at a marvel hidden deep.  

Then... not so deep.


The show website is www.sci-fi.com/cerberusrex 

There are a few ways to listen to CERBERUS REX:

  • Free: Download or stream the .MP3 on our site;
  • Free: Listen to our podcast SCI-FI PRESENTS;
  • $1.99: Download as an .M4A or .WAV on our site.

The show was released on SCI-FI.COM on October 17, 2017. 

SCI-FI.COM and SCI-FI PRESENTS will feature additional original content going forward.

Show merchandise and "I'm Going Out There (featuring Ana's Theme)" from the CERBERUS REX OST are available for purchase on the show website. Here is a pic of one of the shirts and samples from the track:

Ana Shirt Blue on Grey.jpg



CERBERUS REX is a science fiction adventure in audio form.

The story is told entirely through dialogue, sound effects and music. There is no narration. The story was crafted from inception for a listening audience. We have action set pieces, we change environments, we convey movement and action, all with sound. To complement this approach, we structured and paced the show to be streamlined and tight—A leads to B leads to C leads to D and we’re done.

The list of influences is long.  In terms of the spirit of adventure: Robert Jordan, Wendy and Richard Pini, Terry Goodkind, Clive Cussler and Tad Williams. There are bits of Lovecraft, Barker and King in there.  In terms of structure and action: John Carpenter, James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, John McTiernan, Walter Hill and Michael Crichton. And in terms of dialogue and writing tone: Shane Black, William Goldman and Nelson DeMille. So... a bunch... but we strove to be unique in our voice, particularly with respect to our main character, Dr. Anabela Correia. 

At the beginning of the story, Ana is an explorer stuck in academia. Ana is aggressive and tough but fun. She quotes books and movies and when teaching class, she’s Socratic so she’s scary but she’s more animated/fun-scary, less Paper Chase-scary. She has a fundamental need to challenge, discover, observe and analyze, and she eagerly accepts the call to adventure. She is consistently optimistic without being naïve. When faced with a challenge, she will out-think it, not out-fight it. Her code in the story is: think cosmically.

In contrast, character Benjamin Wyngarde, a Security/Containment Officer at Well Station, would fit well in a 90s action movie. Captain of the team, everyone’s big brother. If your dad ever fell asleep reading a book in a recliner, Wyngarde could have headlined that book.

Thematically, CERBERUS REX is about the evolution of the concept of heroism. Each of the main characters has a strong moral center but Wyngarde is the old guard that revs engines and unloads clips and Ana is the new hero that thinks cosmically. As events unfold, she makes the decisions that drive the story. Ana is the adventure’s hero.  

I made this because I thought it would be awesome if it existed, and I am excited about how it turned out. So much of CERBERUS REX works on (i) the strength of the performances, led by New York-based actors Natali de Assis (www.natalideassis.com) as Ana and Michael Joseph Murray (www.michaeljosephmurray.com) as Wyngarde and North Carolina-based voice actor George Washington III as John Brant (www.voevolution.com), a character that shows up later in the show and is a bit like old Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond, and (ii) our exceptional score by composer Benjamin Goldman (www.benjamingoldmanmusic.com). Everyone involved-- the actors, our sound folks, our artists and designers-- did fantastic work and I am proud to present the final product of their combined efforts.

- Jason Hardcastle


Principal dialogue was recorded at Dubway Studios (www.dubway.com) in downtown Manhattan, using New York City-based actors and sound engineers. Additional dialogue was recorded remotely by voice actors across the country. 

Composer Benjamin Goldman (www.benjamingoldmanmusic.com) is an award-winning composer who specializes in writing and recording music for film, television, advertising and other media. His work can be heard in the feature film, “Pearl: Harbor: The Accused”, the ongoing series “Thomas Creator Collective” and the upcoming game, “Exile”. For CERBERUS REX, Ben created an original score that is theme-based and incorporates inspiration from classic Hollywood adventure scores.


The full cast and crew list is set forth in Section 9 below.

CERBERUS REX is a Heorot Media production. Heorot Media, LLC is a new, independent digital media company and this show is its first release.

7.  Ribaldry level

Low.  No dirty business. A few "S" words is as bad as the language gets. But we do try to scare the audience a bit.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions, feedback or requests for information at contact@heorotmedia.com or via the contact box below. I will get back to you quickly. 

Thank you!

- Jason

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Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by 



Music by




  Anabela Correia   NATALI DE ASSIS

       Benjamin Wyngarde   MICHAEL JOSEPH MURRAY

              John Brant   GEORGE WASHINGTON III

                                         Mackenzie Miller   CALI GILMAN

                                           Buck Langstrom   MIKE CALLAHAN

                                       President Crawford   BRIAN STIVALE

                            Hawksmoor University Students   EILEEN SUGAMELI

                                                            WILL CALLAHAN 

                                                            GRACE INGLAND

                                                            ANNY JULES

                                                Mr. Zhang   JUSTIN CHIAO

                                   Science Team  Officers   KRISTEN DIMERCURIO

                                                            PETER LEWIS WALSH

                                                            BRAD GILLIAM

                                                            MICHAEL SPADACCINI

                             Security/Containment Officer   JONATHAN WEST

                                   Communications Officer   MIKE MORENO

                                          Geology Officer   JONATHAN COTTON

                                   CERBERUS REX Announcer   TY HARPER

                                     SCI-FI.COM Announcer   BRIAN STIVALE


Principal Dialogue Recorded at



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Hollywood Edge Sound Effects

Sound Effects OCD


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Aleksandr Sablin


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